Welcome. I’m glad you’re interested in my artwork!

To see a range of my works over the years, please place your cursor over the Portfolio area above to see a drop-down menu. For the TL;DR version, see the selections below. These are small groups of works that feel representative of what I was doing during various time periods. Click to see them larger. If you have questions, shoot me an email: balloum (at) missouri.edu

This page is currently being updated – check back soon.

1994-1997 – Coming soon…


1999- 2001


2003-2005 – Graduate School Works

2006 – Post-Graduate School Works

2006 – The Omen Series

2007-2008 – The Dodecahedron Series

2007-2009 – First Years in Missouri

2009-2011 – Tondos

2011 – The Lamentations 3 Series

2011-2012 – Mandalas

2013 – Mandalas



2016 – Heart Attack Drawings

2016 – WHENEVERwhen works

2017 – wheneverWHEN works

2017 Mandalas

2017-2018 – Ensigns For Miyoko Ito



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