Dodecahedron Bronze, Part 6

The Weld. Last month MU Grad student Ian Shelly helped me weld the pieces of my Dodecahedron together – it had been cast in two pieces back in November. Thanks to another MU Grad Natalie Hellmann for taking the photos!

The set up…

The glow…

Wire-brushing the soot..



Nearly done…


Dodecahedron Bronze, Part 5

BallouPour02This past week I was able to participate in the actual pouring of the bronze for my sculpture. Above, the small furnace containing the crucible for the small amount of bronze needed for my piece.










The images above show the pour in process – it really was unbelievably hot.




Love that glow!




This image shows the beginning of the breakout process…




Starting to show through…




An inspection… The process is nearly complete. After all of the casting material is removed, we’ll sandblast the bronze, then polish to achieve a final look. We’ll also have to do some welding, in order to connect parts that were cast separately. My thanks go out again to Chris Morrey, who has helped out for the entire process, and to Jim Calvin, who stepped in as an experienced hand to actually conduct the pour.

Dodecahedron Bronze, Part 3


Worked on the investment mold for my bronze with Chris again a few days ago. Above is the “before” picture… and below is a pictorial of the process.







This was one of about 12 iterations of the same process. Eventually the wax will be entirely coated with the investment and a fine silica sand. In a week or so we’ll aim at the actual bronze pouring. I’ll have pictures of that as well!

Dodecahedron Bronze, Part 1

the wax

chris working the wax

Today I began preparations for making my first bronze work. I brought my wax work to Chris Morrey (a just-graduated MFA in sculpture from the University of Missouri) for approval/adjustments. We worked together to clean up the piece a bit (later on I’ll describe why I wanted this piece to have the form it does) and develop a strategy for the sprue system that will deliver the molten bronze to my form. I’ll update here as we continue – I’m excited!