Inspiration – Laurie Anderson

Above: Anderson singing with a luminous microphone inside her mouth

“I don’t necessarily think that political art is any better or more worthwhile or more relevant than making a giant blue painting. We need giant blue paintings and they can sometimes be more about freedom than works of art that tell you how to be free. Giant blue paintings can show you.” – Laurie Anderson, at the SVA commencement ceremony, 2012.

Watch her whole speech here. Be sure to watch through to her “pillow recorder” performance at the end – fantastic!

And here’s a (mostly) “giant blue painting” – Ocean Park #129.



Winter 2009 MU Honors Convocation

Me with one of my favorite art students, Shannon.

(Above: photo by Rob Bratney)

She earned honors for her work in Psychology at MU. She minored in Art, which is obviously where I worked with her.

Honor students often name a faculty person who walks with them in the procession to the ceremony where they receive their honors regalia. I was humbled when Shannon asked me to attend the festivities with her.

She is a dedicated, thoughtful, conscientious person. I’m looking forward to seeing the trajectory of her continued success as she looks toward Graduate School and combines her love for people with her love for art. Good job, Shannon!