Cool Shoes!

Daughter and Dad in their cool shoes! (click the image for super-sized color and sparkle!)


At the Cincinnati Art Museum

Alison and Miranda before Diebenkorn’s Interior with View of Building (1962)

Miranda crawling around beneath Corot’s Don Quixote (1868)

Miranda with Robert Henri’s Patience Serious (1915) – looks like Miranda’s got a painted doppelganger.

Lieutenant Commander Miranda Grace Ballou

Today Miranda got to wear her Star Trek onesie. It’s a blue one – standing for Science Officer for those of you are aren’t in the know. We used the momentous occasion to watch a bit of Star Trek: Generations. Awesome. Here are some pics:

In her Captain’s Chair with the Generations DVD

“That’s Commander Riker. He was just on the holodeck, that’s why he’s dressed up like that!”

She’s already thinking about space!

Next time I’ll teach her all about Data, Miranda-class starships (such as the USS Reliant of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan fame, pictured below), and eventually introduce her to the best captain ever (Picard, obviously).