Items Online Today

I’ve got a post up over at Mid West Capacity on a recent painting show at the University of Richmond Museum

and there’s been some coverage in the local paper of my new show at Perlow-Stevens Gallery. Cool.

In celebration of the show here’s a shot of one of the woodblocks used to make the Quintessence Series…

woodblock love

Summer Work

Since the spring semester ended here at Mizzou I’ve been working a number of prints on my small press in my home studio. These works are actually fairly connected in spite of their formal differences. For a few years now I’ve taken periodic breaks from the figure-based themes and worked with abstract formal explorations based on the dodecahedra and pentagons that appear in those more representational works.

Anyway, here are a good grouping of the new pieces. I’ll post individually for any more that come.


quintessence #3


quintessence #4